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A World First, Launched by South Africa


Ideas of hate and prejudice underpin all forms of discrimination.

There are many forms of discrimination, some are old, some are new and some are yet to be articulated.

The Symbol for Non-Discrimination Solutions is a mechanism for the Awareness of Solutions for All Forms of Discrimination, a pledge against any current or future forms of discrimination, and a commitment by any individual living in and out of South Africa to not discriminate against each other.

Much like the AIDS Red Ribbon, it is a device used to impact hearts, minds and behavior.

The symbol is inspired by the Constitution of South Africa and is set in the beautiful South African national colours of green and gold, just like the South African sports teams.


For more info, take a look at the
Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol video.


Embodied in the design of the symbol for non-discrimination solutions are:

• The oxygen atom;
• The circular and cyclical nature of the sun, moon and earth;
• A sense of current and future heritage.

Oxygen is what we all breathe, no matter who we are.

Oxygen is the opposite of discrimination; it is intrinsically what makes life go on, it reminds us of what kind of life currently exists and simultaneously what kind of life is possible. Oxygen is a necessity to all life; we all cannot live without oxygen.

The sun, moon and earth are constants in all life; and along with a sense of current and future heritage; add up to inspire concepts of home, existence, living together and global community.


Discrimination is destructive, linked to violence, destroys humanity and it will destroy our nation if we don’t act against it – continuously.

The red ribbon was just a drawing…
before it became the symbol of AIDS awareness!

So let’s not dispute the power and impact of symbolism,
but rather utilise this method to tackle the plague of hate… by rolling out the symbol for non-discrimination solutions.

If we are to have significant impact on hearts, minds and behavior,
it makes sense that the non-discrimination solutions symbol, rolls out in ways that:

• Are neither anti nor pro any political organization, but rather purely pro non-discrimination
• Are continuously sustainable
• Do not create time burdens
• Allow easy peer-to-peer transmission of the idea to reach public and private spaces
• Reaches spaces of influence en-masse e.g. schools, homes, the workplace...


Schools are among the best places to tackle discrimination; it’s where education and understanding is taught,
it’s a space of influence and where work gets done en-masse and this is key!

Positive Behaviour Change grows when Solutions Thinking and action is encouraged.

We activate this via:

1. The Non-Discriminations Solutions Olympiad
2. The Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol:
• Symbol Frames (placed in targeted areas of the school)
• Symbol Badges (worn on school uniforms)
• Symbol Pledge
3. The Non-Discrimination Edu-Resource

Individuals and groups know their own environments best, so it is crucial that their insights and solutions
are brought to the fore.

Governments, Civil Society and the Private Sector can all learn from the sparks of school students…
Accessing the plans and ideas of school students benefits our country and world.



For more info, take a look at the Non-Discrimination Solutions Olympiad video...

This years prize is R10000

The Non-Discrimination Solutions Olympiad is a national competition, where participants enter solution ideas for any form of discrimination,
either a single form of discrimination or a combination of forms of discrimination in relation to race, gender, disability, name calling,
bullying,gangsterism etc. or whatever the participants wish to address.

Solution ideas can tackle issues at your school or in your community, your street, social club, sports club, family, suburb, the entire country
or even the entire globe if you wish.

The Olympiad is open to:
• Primary Schools (Grade 4 and above only, and inclusive of Special Needs Schools)
• High Schools (All Grades, and inclusive of Special Needs Schools)

Solutions Thinking! Solution Ideas!

For detailed info on HOW TO ENTER THE OLYMPIAD click here and download.
To download the Olympiad School Poster click here.

More info and insight on discrimination, and types of discrimination can be found in the Edu-Resource book available at your school,
or for free download here - Edu-Resource book.


The Symbol Frames are placed in targeted
areas of the school.

These targeted areas are where there is
high foot traffic, and high visibility for school students.

Apart from a handful of schools,
pretty much all learners in South Africa
attend schools that require uniforms to be worn...


Be part of this World First launched by South Africa, and display the Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol at your workplace.
Whether you are a business or an organization, pledge your company’s and employees support of Non-Discrimination.

The Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol is set in an elegant, modern and contemporary designed frame with glass.

The frames are available in various sizes, and are an aesthetic addition to your wall and desk.

The symbol creates top of mind awareness, and increases
social cohesion and nation building. All organizations and businesses that take the Non-Discrimination pledge will also be listed online.

There are many forms of discrimination…discrimination related to race, gender, culture, disability etc.…the list goes on and on.

Old, current and new forms of discrimination can all exist at the same time…

The Non-Discrimination Solutions Symbol is for the awareness of solutions to All forms of discrimination.

Your commitment to Non-Discrimination has a positive effect on your colleagues; and your clients and customers.

Just imagine the significance the daily visibility the symbol has in the workplace…day after day… month after month… year after year… now that’s influence!

Non-Discrimination creates a productive work environment, and the rallying of support has a great pass-on effect to society.
The time is now and South Africa is perfectly placed to lead its roll out.

Assist with School Activations (CSI & CSR)

Organizations and companies also have the opportunity to partner, sponsor and help roll out the Non-Discrimination School Activations.

Make a difference at schools today! And let your company or organization make a positive change in the lives of learners.

To be part of the Non-Discrimination School Activations, email

-------------------------------------------------- Leverage the convergence and paradigm of Non-Discrimination… and let’s work together to make a positive difference in the lives of all who live in South Africa